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奖品发放 1,000 天倒计时

Picture of Drobo FS-5TB, iPad 2, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3




为庆祝这里程碑,我们举办了一千天送礼活动。所有 Giganews 成员自动参加送礼,并可透过在Facebook对我们"讚好",在Twitter跟随我们,使用Mimo Usenet Browser + Search 或获选十大致敬语,获得额外参加机会。



Drobo FS-5TB Martin - Glasgow, UK


  • iPad® 2 Nicholas - Villeurbane, France
  • PlayStation® 3 Pat - Ridgecrest, CA
  • Xbox 360® Pål - Skien, Norway


  • Johnny - Aarhus, Denmark
  • Terry - Plano, TX
  • Toby - Southport, UK
  • William - Vineland, NJ
  • William - North Arlington, NJ
  • Cheryllee - Lansing, MI
  • Jeffrey - Phoenix, AZ
  • Neil - Tecumseh, Canada
  • Chris - Luton, UK
  • James - Solsberry, IN
  • Christoph - Chemnitz, Germany
  • B - West Melbourne, FL
  • David - Olney, MD
  • Kirill - Cheshire, CT
  • Darrel - Cincinatti, OH
  • John - Palmdale, CA
  • Eric - Paris, France
  • Richerd - Waterloo, Canada
  • Andreas - Hamburg, Germany
  • Adam - High Wycombe, UK
  • John - Greater Manchester, UK
  • Ryan - Kaneohe, HI
  • Nick - London, UK
  • Courtois - Nice, France
  • Donald - Belleville, IL

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  1. Giganews has outlasted six computers, five girlfriends, four jobs, three rock bands, and two cars, but Giganews is still the one.

    Jonathon - Columbus, Ohio

  2. I am a Diamond member of Giganews and I honestly can say that I never have been happier with my Usenet provider as I am using Giganews. Before Giganews, my Usenet experience was littered with bad providers who just didn't get it. Giganews gets it! The retention rate is second to none, the completion is never an issue and the Mimo Browser is just icing on an already delicious piece of cake. As long as Giganews is in business, I will never use another Usenet news service!

    Craig - Bloomington, Minnesota

  3. I always go for the best things in life. Why change now?

    Alexander - Norrtälje, Sweden

  4. Seriously, how often can you reach back 2 years and grab something as fast as if it was posted yesterday or a week ago? It's why I stick with Giganews.

    Loren - Manassas, Virginia

  5. Giganews is the only company who is genuinely interested in improving Usenet, not just in it for the money. There's no other way to put it: Giganews is THE Usenet provider, not just another usenet server.

    Jason - Liverpool, New York

  6. When your harddrive cant handle the speed from the usenet client, you must be downloading from giganews.

    Omar - Amsterdam, Netherlands

  7. Quels sont les critères d'un internaute pour un service de news ? Qualité, Quantité, Prix, Rapidité, Souplesse, écoute... tout ces critère ont été réunis en seul produit : Giganews !

    Cedric - Le Castellet, France

  8. I've been with Giganews now for years and love the quality of service you provide, competitive pricing and the continued innovation like VyprVPN and Mimo. The simplicity of your Usenet service is without doubt the reason why you're a market leader instead of a follower. I look forward to another 6 years of uninterrupted and quality service from the best Usenet provider in town! :-)

    Kelvin - Nelson, United Kingdom

  9. I came to Giganews after using many of the cheaper usenet providers which simply couldn't provide the service advertised. Giganews have never let me down with missing headers and have first class support to boot! With everything you get what you pay for and Giganews is worth every penny!

    Andrew - Farnborough, United Kingdom

  10. Giganews, c'est simple, ce sont les premiers a avoir proposé une rétention hallucinante a un prix normal, a ne pas augmenter leur prix pour des raison spéculatoire, en plus leur logiciel sont simple d'utilisation et ils sont capables en plus de se remettre en question pour ameliorer leur logiciel tel que MIMO avec golden frog. En gros être Giganewser c'est être intélligent

    Lucido - Bagneux, France

  • Drobo 是 Data Robotics, Inc. 的商标,可能已在某些司法管辖区进行了注册。
  • iPad® 是 Apple Inc. 的注册商标。
  • PlayStation® 是 Sony Computer Entertainment 的注册商标
  • Xbox 360® 是 Microsoft Corporation 在美国和/或其他国家或地区的注册商标。
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