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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drag and drop files and folders using the Dump Truck Web App

The Golden Frog development team recently added the ability to drag and drop files and folders within the Dump Truck Web App. Dump Truck users can simply click the file or folder name to drag the item to a different folder. Using drag to drop to move multiple files and folders is also supported.

Watch the video below to see Dump Truck drag and drop in action:


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Want to see 500 Terabytes of Dump Truck online storage?

Golden Frog posted a great photo of 500 Terabytes (or a half of Petabyte) of Dump Truck online storage on the Golden Frog blog. Don't worry, 500 Terabytes is only a portion of a single Dump Truck storage cluster, so there is plenty of storage space for Giganews members. Golden Frog is furiously working on new Dump Truck features, such as sharing and desktop/mobile apps, so stay tuned for more news in the coming months!

Check out the Dump Truck online storage photo!

Simply login to Dump Truck with your Giganews username and password to access Dump Truck. Diamond Accounts include 30 GB Dump Truck online storage for free and all other accounts include 5 GB for free.

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