I've never needed a another account since switching to giga. Fast, complete, no hassles.

Michael - Lancaster, Ohio

You guys have AWESOME, FAST and AMAZING network. Keep up the GREAT work. I have been a member for 2.5 years and NEVER had a single problem! Incredible!

Jonathan - Hanover Township, Pennsylvania

The retention and completeness of Giganews is unrivalled and absolutely fabulous. The service is blazingly fast and routinely uses all my considerable bandwidth (wife hates it, Giganews has precedence over both phone and TV (both over IP) so... ;-) ). Now for 2000 days!

Wulf - Altrip, Germany

Seriously, how often can you reach back 2 years and grab something as fast as if it was posted yesterday or a week ago? It's why I stick with Giganews.

Loren - Manassas, Virginia

With Giganews I have never seen speeds this fast, 100mpbs I'm in awe. Every time I download a binary, I don't have to worry whether the file is corrupted due to the connection. Mimo is also the fastest Newsreader that I have ever used my entire life, keep up the good work!

Andrew - Lorton, Virginia

It's just everything! Best (!) retention, blazing fast access speed and very quick support response. I really enjoyed the ride until now and it seems it's going to get even cooler with that crazy retention goal 8D What can I say, it's not just your ordinary Meganews - this is really GIGANEWS!

Nicolas - Dortmund, Germany

Fast, 256 Bit Encryption is sweet! No one needs to know what sites I go to or what I look at. Plus the fact that I don't even notice any difference in my surfing speed! Keep up the excellent work!

John - Gallatin, Tennessee

Easy answer, Giganews Rocks! By far the most complete postings, fastest servers, and excellent supporting software. I have been a Diamond Member subscriber for years and look forward to each and every new year as they always improve the service. Thank you Giganews.

Rick - Eden Prairie, Minnessota

Giganews is serious business! Complete binaries and super fast download speeds.

Tiago - Orlando, Florida

Giganews is awesome! The speed is consistently fast and consistent with more of everything you need, retention, connections and SSL. Why would you go anywhere else and pay more for less! You need Giganews.

Gordon - Brampton, Canada

I know I'm secure using Giganews, and that I have the fastest & largest availably of whatever news I am looking for. My friends are always jealous of my finds.

Todd - Auburn Hills, Michigan

Giganews is super fast and always pushes my internet connection to its limit. Love it! Retention is the best out there; can't beat it. No other newsgroup service comes close.

David - Saskatoon, Canada

Giganews is by far the best usenet service out there. The connections are always rock-solid, blistering fast, and never down. Awesome!

Jay - Boyds, Maryland

Always reliable always fast. As Tina turner sang, simply the best

Paul - Sittingbourne, United Kingdom

Oooohhhhh my god the server is so fast and your service is absolutly the best with no question..

Lars - Corralejo, Spain

Giganews is very fast and reliable, utilizing maximum bandwidth even on a 100MB line, downloading multi-gigabytes in minutes. Retention is The best available and very rarely is anything missing or corrupted. I have never experienced a single second of downtime. If this is not enough, you get FREE privacy, integrity and anonymity with the bundled Vyper VPN as a Platinum subscriber. GigaNews is above and beyond the rest.

Björn - Landskrona, Sweden

I love Giganews because it give me the ability to get what I need super fast for a superb, one off monthly charge. The service is great and I cant fault the product I any way!!! Where would I be without you Giganews!!!! Thank you so much for making things easy for me. 100% happy customer :)

Mark - Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom

Giganews is the FASTEST and most RELIABLE server I have used. I constantly recommend it to my friends and family.

Robert - Waupun, Wisconsin

Fast Usenet, Massive Retention, Excellent Support, Continuous Development.. Did I mention Fast Usenet, and Massive Ret.........?

Neil - Oldbury, United Kingdom

Get what you want when you want it 24/7 fast as a hell. GetGiganewsNow.

Michael - Woodbridge, Canada

The retention is insane. 99% files a all there. Fast Speeds no lag. MAIN THING is service you are treated with respect. They make sure you get a answer and no if or maybe to it....super polite and very knowlogeble.......Finally someone who really does care about thier customers...... Been with em for years and no plans to change in the future.

Richard - New Braunfels, Texas

Fiability, hight speed, security, VyprVPN with OpenVPN.

Khalis - Sarasota, Florida

Highest retention, speed and customer service of any other provider hands down. 4 year customer and recommend Giganews to anyone needing Usenet access.

William - Lindenhurst, New York

downloads are always solid since switching to giganews. Very little fluctuation at all, very happy with the speed and stability of service.

David - Mount Warren Park, Australia

After trying out other Usenet providers I've come to find that Giganews is hands down the best, I've converted usenet users once they see my download speeds.

Andrew - Suffield, Connecticut

I love Giganews because it allows me to use my fiber connection at (constant) full speed.

Tommy - Utrecht, Netherlands

When your harddrive cant handle the speed from the usenet client, you must be downloading from giganews.

Omar - Amsterdam, Netherlands

世界上最好的Usenet服务! 开始免费试用

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