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<p>Giganews is pleased to announce the Giganews Rewards program, beginning with the Giganews Loyalty Reward effective February 1st.</p><p>The Giganews Loyalty Reward is our way of thanking you for choosing Giganews as your news provider, month after month.</p><p>Under the Loyalty Reward program, we are awarding bonus download to all customers with full-service Giganews accounts. After you have completed 1 year with Giganews, the bonus download will be automatically added to your account according to the following schedule.</p><blockquote>after 1 year: 2% of your current service level<br />after 2 years: 4%<br />after 3 years: 6%<br />after 4 years: 8%<br />after 5 years: 10%</blockquote><p>Giganews will continue adding an additional 1% bonus for each year after the 5th year, for as long as you continue your Giganews service. You can view your current Loyalty Reward level at any time through our online control panel, at:</p><blockquote></blockquote><p>If you upgrade your account, the size of the bonus will increase proportionally, since the bonus is a percentage of your service level.</p><p>If you wish to learn more about how this bonus will be applied to your account, please visit our FAQ at</p><blockquot></blockquote><p>Thank you for choosing Giganews. We appreciate your business, and we look forward to serving you even better in the future.</p>

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