Completion refers to the percentage of articles a Usenet server actually has versus how many articles that server could possibly have. Many potential issues, such as network congestion, under powered feeding servers, down time, poor peering, and data loss may result in a Usenet server missing articles. When a Usenet server is missing a lot of articles it is said to have a low "Completion Rate". Giganews maintains a near perfect 99.5%+ completion rate.

Completion issues can be overcome by establishing extensive peering relationships with other Usenet servers and by making sure supporting systems like Internet connectivity, processors, and storage devices have plenty of capacity and are finely tuned.

As the largest Tier 1 Usenet provider, Giganews is in a unique position regarding completion. Over 20% of Usenet articles are posted directly via one of Giganews' global Usenet clusters, thus making Giganews the world's largest source of Usenet posts. As the world's largest source of Usenet posts, every Usenet system on the planet must maintain some sort of direct or indirect peering relationship with Giganews, thus making sure that every Usenet article passes through one of our Usenet servers at some point.

In addition to being the world's most peered Usenet system, Giganews also maintains the most advanced Usenet cluster available. With multiple levels of redundancy and tons of extra capacity, Giganews is able to quickly and efficiently route articles throughout our cluster thus reducing the likelihood that articles will be lost in transit."

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