Rich Salz

Rich Salz is the author of the Usenet server package InterNetNews, which was presented at the 1992 USENIX conference in San Antonio, Texas.  INN was the first news server package to fully integrate NNTP.  INN is the most commonly used news server package and is still in active development.

Salz has contributed to the free software movement, NNTP, HTTP, ebXML, OCSP, XKMS, SOAP, SAML, and has been involved in the IETF PKI, HTTP, WS-I, W3C, and OASIS working groups.

Salz attended MIT and has worked at the Open Software Foundation and BBN.  Salz co-founded Zolera Systems.  Salz received the Lifetime Achievement award from the USENIX Association for BSD UNIX.

Currently, Salz is the Chief Security Architect at DataPower Technology, which was recently acquired by IBM.

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